Divinely Divorced Diva

Project Description

Divinely Divorced Diva is a project of a woman offers the comfort of a virtual friend who’s been through the process and survived. Lemonberry designed a Magazine style website, a logo and brand for her.

On the website the Diva itself gives the new ‘divorcees’ tips and tricks to get back in the saddle after the emotional period of stress has gone. Through her blogs, Pinterest and Instagram we are able to follow her advice and support.


Project Details

Client Divinely Divorced Diva
Date   08.07.2016
Skills  Brand design, Magazine Website
View   divinelydivorceddiva.com


Divinely Divorced Diva required some branding to create inspiring picture quotes. Here are some design ideas


A mock-up for Divinely Divorced Diva stationary.

Website Mock up

Divinely Divorced Diva is a Magazine style website, it will be continuously used for blogging and selling products. The Diva is not only active on her website, you can check her out on Pinterest and Instagram.