Project Description

The SmileDesigner project was a 6 months long process that started with finding a team to better understand the operation of the 2 practices that SmileDesigner run, draw up a marketing strategy by working through GAP analysis and their customer journey and presenting their website in a fresh way.

The team who came onboard were Marloes de Ruiter from WeProcess, Moran Greenwald from Data for a Change, Vinita Salomé from Vinita Salomé Photography as well as translations by Jane Pocock from Write it Right.

I was Project Manager, coordinating the team with weekly meetings with Stefan and his in-house marketing team as well as managing the timeline, budget and keeping everything on track. Marloes and her team designed the information architecture and wrote the content together with SmileDesigner, and in early December Vinita and I held a photo-shoot at both practices with several members of staff and patients. Moran designed and ran the Google Ad campaign as well as making sure the SEO on the website was first rate.

We were due to launch on 1st April, but mid- March, with the Covd-19 restrictions closing both practices, we put the project on hold with the idea that we would go live when the practices could open again. With a week to go, the NL Government announced that Dentists and Orthodontists could reopen on April 28th, so whilst the SmileDesigner team were busy putting RVIM guidelines in place at the practices, the marketing team put in a concerted effort to get the site finalised and online for that date!


Project Details

Client SmileDesigner

Date   28.04.2020

Skills  Project management, House style concept and design, Website design, Registration system for clients


The SmileDesigner brand

Understanding the SmileDesigner business and the values they hold in giving first class care at affordable prices was key to finding the best way to present themselves. Dr Christina von Massow is one of the most highly qualified Orthodontists in the Netherlands, and the SmileDesigner business is a leader in their field.

Being able to look at Orthodontics from a client perspective was one that the team really understood with the help from the SmileDesigner marketing team and although the copy was challenging to give the right voice, the team came up with a really compelling story.

Branding Collective

The SmileDesigner project was yet another really successful collaboration with the branding collective. Bringing our expertise together meant we could each focus on our own job in hand! Having someone to keep the birds-eye view of the project also helped keep the plan on track, and enabled SmileDesigner to trust that the program wasn’t loosing momentum or aspects getting missed or rushed.

This has to be one of my favourite projects so far. I was delighted that Stefan from SmileDesigner trusted me to bring this extensive project to life, and the collaborators truly were the dream team.

The Team

Project Lead, Art Director & Web Development

I was project lead for the collaboration team, communicating between the team and SmileDesigner team as well as managing the budget and schedule. I planned & directed the photo-shoot in consultation with Vinita. I designed, developed and implemented the multilingual website.

Since launch, the marketing team, consisting of myself, Moran and Danielle meet with SmileDesigner every 2 weeks to plan and excecute the ongoing SEO and marketing strategy.

Lisa Hall


SEO Consultant

Moran conducted a review of the current situation to set a base-line, made keyword research and competitor analysis. As well as performing optimisation of every page, Moran planned, implemented and monitored Google Ads campaign and provides ongoing SEO management.

Moran Greenwald

Danielle Navas-Brandt

Social Media & Content Manager

Danielle started with the SmileDesigner marketing team in January 2022.

She plans and manages our social media, and creates our weekly posts for facebook, instagram and LinkedIn. She also curates and writes the articles for the SmileDesigner knowledge base.

Danielle Navas-Brandt


Vinita brought her amazing talents and energy to a 2 location photo-shoot with 3 members of staff and 4 models. SmileDesigner now have a bank of custom images of their practices to use for their promotional material that really showcase their business.

Since launch, we schedule photoshoots every 6 months to add to our every growing image bank.

Vinita Salomé

Translation and Editing

Jane was involved in editing and translating the content from Dutch to English. She regularly translates articles to add to the Knowledge bank and helps us keep our content evolving and up to date.

Jane Pocock

Marketing & Content

Marloes brought her expertise in strategic thinking to the team, working through GAP analysis, the customer journey experience, and guiding her team to create top quality content for the website. Marloes is providing ongoing marketing strategy for SmileDesigner’s social media channels.

Marloes de Ruiter