Center for relationship learning


Project Description

Julie came to me wanting to redesign her website to show that she was becoming Europe’s center for running and teaching the Gottman Method to both clients and therapists.

The name Center for Relationship Learning was developed as the project started and Cigdem Guven was lead in creating the branding for this new site.

Julie already had a bank of photographs to use on the site and wrote the content text herself. Together we came up with how the architecture of the site would work, and I was given free reign on the initial draft, from where we tweaked the look and layout of the site together.


Project Details

Client Center for Relationship Learning
Date   28.10.2021
Skills  Graphic & Web design



Cigdem from Crocusfield spent time working through all of the concepts until we landed on this final design. It was great to have such a vibrant palette of colours to work with on the website, and I used muted tones to give a calm and open style.


Julie Sharon – Wagschal
February 14 2022

The team:

Lisa Hall


Cigdem Guven