Project Description

Yvonne is a specialist therapist/coach who helps individuals, couples and families find pathways to new connections. Yvonne has developed for years within youth care and later under her first company Yvoor. In addition to Yvoor, she and her husband Tom have started a company that is firmly rooted in personal growth and well-being, under the Allenamento brand. Yvonne had some ideas of what she wanted this new brand to look like, with bright colors and an idea of ​​mandalas was our starting point. In collaboration with Cigdem, Vinita and Moran, we started creating the new Allenamento brand for its multilingual website.

Cigdem started by creating a huge mood board for Yvonne with many different concepts, fonts, symbols and first sketches. She then sketched some ideas to give an idea of ​​the shape.

Project Details

Client Yvonne Hanssen
Date 07.02.2024
Skills  Branding Corporate Identity, Branding Photography, SEO & Web design

designs by Cigdem Guven


Cigdem’s creativity knew no bounds on this project! With so many amazing to designs to choose from, it wasn’t easy to cut it down to one! Which one would you choose?

As well as the primary brand, Cigdem also designed business cards, flyers & a powerpoint presentation background.

Branding photography shoot on location

Our process has been honed over the years of Vinita and I working together so we know the right steps to take to achieve the best results.

First we discussed with Yvonne what her business represented and the important aspects that makes her business unique. Then Vinita and I brainstormed the ideas and created a moodboard. Not only so that Yvonne could see the kind of images we are looking to take, but also so that I can start building the design of the website knowing which images I want to go where.

On the day, Yvonne was very well prepared on location at ROOOMS in Maastricht together with her model and mascot Winne (her dog!) We spent the afternoon moving throughout the building looking for the best light and making sure that we had all of the photos that were on our shot list. We also went outside onto the streets of Maastricht with Yvonne and Winnie to get some more relaxed shots.

Take a look at these amazing results!

Photography by Vinita Salomé




Together, Moran & I designed the architecture of the site, giving suggestions of the content and CTA’s so that the site made sense and created the right impression for visitors. Moran then worked her detective magic on the website to make sure that the ideal clients make it to Yvonne’s website. She also showed Yvonne how to create the right kind of content to share her knowledge.

The content was written, and translated  by the incredibly talented Mags from House of Hives. As well as finding a beautiful way to describe Yvonne and her business, she also interviewed her on her own podcast!


As always, managing this project with Rebranding Boutique team was fun, highly organised and came in on time. The website was a dream to design and develop with all of the elements so beautifully choregraphed and executed. As was Yvonne, who was such a pleasure to work with! Wishing you all the best with your new website Yvonne!

When I look back on these past months, I look back with a very warm and satisfied feeling.

I think it is very special how you have been able to express my work, my vision and “Me” so beautifully.

How appropriate and touching a beautifully logo and a corporate identity can express something without words.
I only now realize that we have not described the beautiful piece of explanation “about the logo About letting go and new ways to connection in the words of Cigdem”, I have food for a blog again.

who takes the most beautiful photos.
I have never looked so beautiful in a photo, and this photoshoot even made me more confident. The fantastic photo shoot day, which I was very very nervous about and even with my clothes chaos in a bag 🤣 Vinita and Lisa made it feel that day like a warm bath and a gift. It was just fantastic. I wouldn’t want to miss it.

who is so creative and has sensed exactly how I would like the site to look. I matched everything so well and put it together.
It’s a puzzle that comes together.

Who kept looking for words that resonate and managed to transform the whole SEO story (which I really have no idea about) so beautifully and cleverly.

All of you who respected me and guided me through it despite my busyness and chaos. I’m glad you didn’t go crazy about my changes and last minute actions.
For me you are true artists and care providers in one.
You perfectly sensed what my request for help was, you did your utmost to get to the bottom of this, nothing was too crazy or too much and thinking out of the box is not unusual for you and this in a fantastic creative way to express. Cheers and crazy. I have no more words for it.

I wouldn’t have wanted to make this trip with anyone else but you.
Despite the language barrier and the often crazy things I said 🤣you understood me perfectly.
It was not without reason that we met Vinita and Monique in Italy, there is no such thing as a coincidence… this had to be the story and you ladies had to be in my story script.

Thanks for everything! Yvonne Hanssen 😘
Allenamento BV

The team:

Lisa Hall


Vinita Salomé


Cigdem Guven


Moran Greenwald