Nourish and Flourish

Project Description

Audrey wanted to brand her new Nutritional Therapy business.

In our briefing we talked about how its important to increase the healthy microbiome in the gut and so the message she wanted to convey in her branding was the you can improve health by improving the health of your gut.

Audrey had a few ideas of form that she wanted to explore, including a silhouette of the body, healthy green soil/garden within the intestines and harmony/roots. She likes soft feminine colours which aren’t too bold and something that reflected her personality.

Project Details

Client Nourish and Flourish
Date   01.04.2018
Skills  Branding, Business Cards, Website design, Flyers

Mock Ups

Audrey hopes to open a delicatessen in the future and so a mockup with her brand shows how it can grow with her business. Currently there is no set colour-way so she can use the branding in various different scenarios.

Final Design

Although this is the finalised design, the branding is such that the logo can be shown on a variety of colour backgrounds and on various different mediums.

Design progress:

“As a new entrepreneur looking for direction and creative imput to help build my website and nutritional brand, Lisa has always been dedicated to providing me with her valuable time, skill and practical support in developing my dreams and aspirations. Lisa’s attention to detail is impeccable as she managed to capture my vision and passion within my advertising material. Lisa is extremely professional and always delivered on time. She has been a huge inspiration to me and has continued to mentor me through this new business adventure.”

Audrey Dickinson
October 3rd 2018