Parents are people too


Project Description

I’ve worked with Julia before on her website, and in the Newsletter team for the Women’s Business Initiative International so we’ve known each other for some time.

Julia started collaborating with Anke in 2021, running workshops and courses together, online and from 2 different continents. They came to me looking to formalise their business with a new brand website, and so it was a natural collaboration for myself, Cigdem and Moran.

We started the project together, working out the brief to make sure we covered all bases to get the right information, look and feel, for the right clients.

Cigdem and Moran and I met with Julia and Anke on a bi-weekly basis, to keep the momentum of the project going and to make sure everyone was on task. This was a truly collaborative project and I think you’ll agree that the results are oustanding!

Project Details

Client Julia & Anke
Date   30.09.2022
Skills  Branding Corporate Identity, SEO & Web design


Anke & Julia had an idea of the colours they liked and knew that they wanted neutral tones with an accent and that the logo should be calming, connected, fun and inspiring.

After exploring several concepts, the fingerprint idea came from intersecting shapes. As Cigdem wrote in her ideas presentation:

“Two unique entrepreneurs joining forces, adding value to each other’s work and experience, and having common values and vision to make this business work.

Secondly, we all have different identities in our lives, as a business woman, as a parent, as a partner etc. Through your coaching and support, we learn how to make those identities of ours work in harmony with each other. The two shapes also represent our different identities being transparent as much as possible and showing that a middle way is always possible.”


Ideas for fingerprint illustrations to use throughout the website
by Cigdem of Crocusfield Creative



We started with the SEO, with Moran running research on competitors and keywords so that she could write content briefs for the articles.

Together we designed the architecture of the site, giving suggestions of the content and CTA’s so that the site made sense and created the right impression for visitors.

Julia and Anke then wrote the content which was edited by our content writer to make sure it had the right tone and balance.


We love our new website! And we have gotten lots of great feedback about it – which is wonderful as this is our business card as well as our “credibility passport” and our resource center for our clients.

Getting there seemed a bit like building a house – before you start laying the foundation you have no idea that there are so many pieces that need to be in place before you can start decorating!

The team has a great division of labor, they complement each other in how they work and you can tell that they enjoy what they’re doing. The perfect balance of creativity, analytics, and skill!

We loved working with an international team – it was a perfect match for who we are.
You did not only help us with creating our website but through your process you reinforced for us who we are as a coaching team!

Thank you – we are proud to go full steam now to change how parents feel – one person at a time!


Julia Close & Anke Fischer
December 2022

The team:

Lisa Hall


Moran Greenwald


Cigdem Guven