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Project Description

After working with Vinita Salomé to capture these beautiful images, Rasa decided that she would begin working on her website. She wanted a calm and peaceful site to represent her business of body-oriented therapy. As Rasa was also studied for more certifications during our working time together, it was a slow and thoughful process working in partnership to create this beautiful site. I was thankful to have Vinita’s forethought on this project, as she knew that Rasa would want to use the images on her website, and so considered this during their photo shoot!

Project Details

Client  Rasa Slavėnaitė
Date   01.04.2022
Skills  Website design
View  senseinsight.nl


Design Elements

We used the delicate leaf element from Rasa’s logo throughout the site.



This project was a joy to work on, and I hope you find inspiration and delight from Rasa’s online presence!

“Lisa has helped me immensely with the design of my website. She took all the time to listen to my wishes and was able to realise these into a website.

I was very happy with Lisa’s excellent suggestions, as well with her flexibility to client ideas. She is reliable, patient and has an eye for customer authenticity and is full of passion for her work.

I am very happy and proud of the results of my website. The aftercare is also reliable and professional”

Rasa Groenen
September 13th 2022

The team:

Lisa Hall


Vinita Salome