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Project Description

Chantal was repatriating back to the Netherlands after growing her business in a foreign market and wanted a fresh new look for her online presence.

We were a full team on this project; starting with creating a strong foundation of clarity from Beth Farris, photography from Vinita Salomé, graphic design from Cigdem Guven, and project management and webdesign from myself. And all in the middle of an international move!

One of Chantal’s real talents is teaching people how to draw, so many of the illustrations on her website are hand drawn by the author herself!

This project was such a joy to complete  – with Chantal being such a wonderfully genuine and generous client – the end results are a real reflection of her and her transitioned business.


Project Details

Client Chantal Vroom
Date   17.01.2022
Skills  Clarity, Brand Photography Graphic & Web design


Branding Photography

Vinita & I worked on a shot list for Chantal’s photoshoot making sure that the images reflected Chantal’s energy and zest for life as well as her professionalism and talent for exploring ideas with her clients.

We had a fun day shooting in Chantal’s home town of Hoorn. Vinita’s images are so vibrant and  capture Chantal’s nature so beautifully we could have almost stopped there on the project!

Chantal Vroom Social Media icons


Chantal had some great ideas of what she was looking for to start with and Cigdem from Crocusfield spent time working through all of the concepts until we landed on this final design. As Chantal already had quite some skill in the drawing department, the development took on a kind of collaboration which gave incredible results! You really get a sense of Chantal’s fun style and personality from the branding on her website!

Having such strong foundations from Beth’s clarity, to Vinita capturing Chantal’s essence to the strong brand Cigdem created, together with Chantal’s writing, the website was an absolute pleasure to pull together.


“I came to Lisa with a request to help me create my new website, anticipating a lot of stress, frustration and tiredness around it (self-promotion is an allergy I am still working on ;-). However, Lisa managed to really set me at ease, connect me with an AMAZING team (photographer, branding manager and business strategy mentor) whom all helped to set up the right words, pictures, logo and colouring… Adding Lisa’s technical knowledge of building websites, but also her keen eye for the design, photography, content and more, I really came out with a beautiful, engaging, and inspiring website, where I could be myself and sometimes do things ‘differently’. I also think Lisa’s flexibility and creativity really made a huge difference for my website. We worked together on some drawings, she made beautiful pages, and our brainstorm sessions always brought in great ideas. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the first draft! It’s crispy, fun, professional, everything I wanted! Her kind way of working together fits my style, and we were able to push through the hard times when I had to finally deliver my content ;-)! We all need that little gentle push now and then! She did that brilliantly and kindly and it helped me so much to finish it all. Thank you, thank you, thank you Lisa! I couldn’t be happier with my website! Highly recommend Lisa for all she is: creative, website-expert, design-expert, friendly, out-of-the-box thinking, flexible and well… simply BRILLIANT!”

Chantal Vroom
February 1 2022

The team:

Lisa Hall


Vinita Salomé


Cigdem Guven


Beth Farris