Ronald Baan


Project Description

Ronald is a trainer, mentor and speaker in data management. Ronald was looking to update his website to drive traffic from LinkedIn where he has a large following, create a platform for clients to book him, and share his offerings in training and speaking. In collaboration with Cigdem, Vinita and Moran we started working on the rebrand of Ronald Baan back in October 2022.

Initially we started working on the content, driven by wanting to finalise the shot list and find a location, the content went hand in hand with Ronald pivoting his business to offer training, consultation and speaking full-time.

Project Details

Client Ronald Baan
Date   28.11.2023
Skills  Branding Corporate Identity, Branding Photography, SEO & Web design

Photographs by Vinita Salomé


Ronald wasn’t in need of a full branding service, but he did want a stylised stamp of his name for the website. Cigdem put together some options of fonts and colour palettes for Ronald to choose from, and Ronald chose a fantastic combination.

Branding photography shoot on location

Our process has been honed during the years Vinita and I have worked together so we know the right steps to take to achieve the best results.

It was an indepth search to find the right location to shoot, and in the end we went to Utrecht to an office complex. Our shoot was in February, which can be challenging with the light, but Vinita made a fabulous job both inside (with a very bright staircase giving a yellow cast over everything!) and outside.

We wanted to capture Ronald at work, both online, training and speaking, as well as detail shots to portray a more personal side of working with Ronald.

Photography by Vinita Salomé




Ronald wrote the content himself and in the process of doing so, was able to define his offerings. It was great working with Ronald as he has a good understanding of WordPress and knew some of the plugins he wanted to use for specific functionality such as the calendar, integrated CRM and a live chat function.

Together, Moran & I designed the architecture of the site, giving suggestions of the content and CTA’s so that the site made sense and created the right impression for visitors.


As always, managing this project with Rebranding Boutique team was fun, highly organised and produced credible results. The website was a dream to design and develop with all of the elements so beautifully choregraphed and executed. As was Ronald, who was such a pleasure to work with! Wishing you all the best with your new website Ronald!

The team:

Lisa Hall


Vinita Salomé


Cigdem Guven


Moran Greenwald