Lisa Medved | Author


Project Description

Lisa came to me after completing her first book “The Engraver”, looking to create a website to engage with her readers and help writers by sharing her own practices. Her wishes for how her website would function and look came from the inspiration she had gathered for her books and having thoroughly researched her competitors, Lisa was clear on how she wanted to brand her Author website.

First we started on creating a logo of sorts, by taking her handwriting her own name. We spent some time working out the colour palette to reflect her style and then planned her photoshoot with Vinita. Lisa was well prepared for us on the day and the shoot was a dream! We photographed in Lisa’s beautiful home and carefully collated the objects that are important to Lisa. Vinita wove her magic throughout the afternoon and it was a pleasure to direct the photoshoot.

Project Details

Client Lisa Medved
Date   01.07.2021
Skills  Brand Your Business: branding photography & website design


Meet the Author

From there Lisa started writing articles and text for her content and I went about pulling the web design together, keeping in mind Lisa’s visitors and the journey they would enjoy whilst learning about Lisa and her books.

Social media

Vinita also offered Lisa a social media guideline to get her started on Instagram, giving her the confidence to start sharing on social media!



This project was a joy to work on, and I hope you find inspiration and delight from Lisa’s online presence!

“It was fabulous working with Lisa @Lemonberry on developing my new website and marketing plan. Having listened to all my ideas and discussed various concepts, she put together a clear, realistic plan. She was there every step of the way, from initial planning to full concept, creating the website of my dreams. Working with Lisa was a delight. She was incredibly knowledgeable, experienced and creative, and very patient when teaching me how to update my website myself. I am thrilled with the stunning website she created and have had extremely positive feedback from other writers from around the world. Everyone should have Lisa @Lemonberry create their website.”

Lisa Medved
July 2021

The team:

Lisa Hall


Vinita Salome