PLACE – a novel by hannah huber


Project Description

Hannah reached out in September to discuss the layout of her debut novel “Place”. She was also keen to have help with the layout of the cover, although she had found her illustrator already. Cigdem agreed to assist with the cover layout whilst Hannah and I worked closely together to get the right feel for the interior layout.

I do love a good book layout and Hannah’s novel was no exception. Hannah was so incredibly organised in planning the layout and deciding how she wanted the book to look that with only a few test drafts, we already had our final font, sizing and layout styles set.

Project Details

Client Hannah Huber
Date   08.12.2021
Skills  Desktop publishing
View   Amsterdam Academy
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Credit: Image by Cigdem Guven

PLACE a novel

Hannah had begun to plan her launch strategy for April as she though the book wouldn’t be ready until Spring,. Once the manuscript was ready for layout in early November, Hannah chanced a call with the printer who could surprisingly fit her print run in before Christmas.

So we sped up the final revisions and Hannah sent it off to print. Incredibly, the books were delivered a whole week early, in plenty of time to fulfil those holiday season pre-orders!

A dream team to work with and even better to see this fabulous book in print.

“Lisa did the layout for my debut novel Place and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Lisa’s professionalism, clear communication, and flexibility throughout the project allowed me to submit my work for print two months before the original deadline. I really felt like we worked as a team throughout the project. She was quick to respond to all my questions and she helped me navigate the complexities of the book layout world, i.e. selecting the right font, leading, margins, etc. Thank you Lisa!”


Hannah Huber
November 23rd 2021

The team:

Lisa Hall


Cigdem Guven