The Architect of Love

Project Description

Although the author lives and works in London, Lemonberry was recommended by our business community here in the Netherlands. A Cover Design and Layout was developed for the book ‘The Architect of Love’ written by Ar’nie Rozah Krogh.

Back cover blurb (written by Deborah Valentine):
It sounds counter-intuitive to make a plan for love, and to apply the principles of finding your own house – that perfect home – to finding the ideal soulmate and relationship. Yet, that is what this book offers – a counter-intuitive action plan for the most intuitive of human emotions: love.

This book has been researched, written, and lived for those singles looking for love – and still, there is much insight, wisdom and practical suggestions for those already in love and determined to sustain it. The concrete architect, in the abstract world of love, is you – the reader. The blueprint? This book.

  1. Combines Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psychology, Life Coaching, Law of Attraction, and a whole lot of common sense
  2. Asks you to reflect on and consider the process of looking for, and finding love, as one would approach looking for a new home, where one is comfortable, and at home
  3. Utilises real-life case studies in every chapter to give you a better insight and understanding of each topic
  4. Empowers you to create an action plan for constructing the ideal circumstances and considerations for finding your perfect partner, being fulfilled, and living your life in, and with, love
Contains exercises to guide you to happiness by becoming the architect of your own love story.


Project Details

Client The Architect of Love author Ar’nie Krogh
Date   30.03.2017
Skills  Cover Design, Layout

Cover of 'The Architect of Love'

The book cover in red with architect style drawings to emphasize the theme and please notice the happy author!

Inside layout

Have a look at the inside of the book.

The media frenzy following Ar'nie at the moment..

Ar’nie is now one of the go-to peeps for interviews on National UK Television and Radio! Check out the moment she was interviewed on Morning TV by Eamon and Ruth!