Als Lage Landen te klein zijn: 15 Bizarre Levens in het Buitenland

by Bonifacius Wassing


Cover illustration by Sylvia Weve

Cover design by Çiğdem Güven

Project Description

Since Hannah Huber published her own novel back in 2021, she has since created the Amsterdam Academy Press which aims to help others self publish.

This project was a collection of stories written by Bonny Wassing, of which some had previously been published in the magazine: Neerlandia.

Although sourcing images was really challenging, I thoroughly enjoyed designing this book and being given free reign on the layout to create a coffee table style book. I  worked on the images sourced by Bonny to get them print ready.


Project Details

Client Bonny Wassing / Amsterdam Academy Press
Date   30.06.2023
Skills  Desktop publishing
Purchase  15 Bizarre Levens


Als Lage Landen te klein zijn

All Dutch and Flemish people described in this book have led unconventional, eccentric or mysterious lives abroad. They led their adventurous existence by choice, sometimes against their will. They were doctors or artists, worked in commerce or were simply hostages. Many are relatively unknown in the Low Countries, but they live on in the collective memory in the country where they stayed.

Do you know the Lacloche brothers from Maastricht who were one of the largest jewelers in France at the beginning of the 20th century? Unfortunately, the firm goes bankrupt because the last scion is a gambling addict. The wife of Utrecht colonel Jan Willem Hessing has a smaller copy of the Taj Mahal built for her husband in Agra, India in 1803. The Zeeuw Johannis de Rijke works as a hydraulic engineer in Japan from 1872 to 1903, improving the ports of Tokyo and Osaka. In 1731, Maria ter Meetelen sails back to Holland, but the ship is hijacked by pirates from Salé and Maria is stuck in Morocco for 17 years. Each lives: bizarre lives abroad.

The team:

Hannah Huber

Lisa Hall


Cigdem Guven