JUST – A crusade for credit by Radiohead’s first true fan – Paul McCarthy

Project Description

A new release (in June 2024) from Amsterdam Academy Press: JUST~ ‘A crusade for credit by Radiohead’s first true fan’ by Paul McCarthy. Paul wanted a simple yet effective interior design to share his story together with his memoir photographs.

The fabulous cover of the book was designed by AAP cover designer Cigdem @crocusincreation. You can order your paperback copy on the Amsterdam Academy Press website!

As always, it was an absolute pleasure working with you Hannah and Cigdem.​


Project Details

Client Paul McCarthy
Date   24.05.2024
Skills  Book Design
View   Amsterdam Academy



A crusade for credit by Radiohead’s first true fan

“I was a dreamer, and so was Thom. Our dreams were set in motion right there in that bar.”

Before debut album Pablo Honey arrived on the scene, there was Paul McCarthy – Radiohead’s promoter, booker and close friend of Thom Yorke. But just as the band were finding fame, Paul found himself on the brink of self-sabotage. What happened next would leave an indelible legacy on the band’s back catalogue − and change the course of his life forever.

Told with unflinching humour and, at times, brutal honesty, this is the story of an enduring love of rock ‘n’ roll against unthinkable odds − a quest for recognition in the face of silence. McCarthy’s pure passion for music and poetry propels you along in this vivid, visceral memoir of the 90s rock and rave scene − even during his drug-fuelled descent into crime.

For the first time, the inspiration behind some of Radiohead’s earliest singles is revealed, together with a touching portrait of one of music’s most-respected singer-songwriters before he made it – and a highly personal take on Radiohead’s music by their first-ever fan.

Book cover design by Cigdem Guven from crocusfield creations

About the author

Paul McCarthy


Paul McCarthy grew up in Skelmersdale, Lancashire before relocating to London and Oxford. He now lives in the Netherlands with his wife and two sons, where he runs a glass-making business (not a euphemism). While serving time in HMP The Mount, Paul gained qualifications in Sound Engineering and Music Technology, and released his debut track as a recording artist. He has since written more than 100 songs under the name Gangster Troll.

The team:

Lisa Hall

Hannah Huber


Cigdem Guven