Queens’ Row- by hannah huber

Project Description

Hannah’s second book: Queens’ Row tells a wonderful historical story set in 1960’s Gettysburg.

After working with Hannah on her debut novel Place, I knew that working with Hannah on this book would be effortless, as her clear decision making and attention to detail make working with her a real pleasure. Knowing the timeline well in advance and everyone in the process sticking to it, really helped to bring this book design in on time and in budget.

Project Details

Client Hannah Huber
Date   24.11.2021
Skills  Book Design
View   Amsterdam Academy


Hannah organised a fabulous book launch for her new book Queens’ Row. She shared memoribilia from her family during that time, and even wore a dress that  her Grandma’s had worn to a dinner at the White House in the 1960’s for the occasion! Together with cosmopolitan cocktails and swinging live music, her books launch was a marvelous salute to the good old days and I wish her every success in selling a gazillion copies! Did you miss the link to buy it above…?

All photographs by Maaike Hek

Queens' Row

In Queens’ Row, as Eisenhower struggles to keep a third world war at bay, a small town wrestles with changing expectations of motherhood, gender norms, and the bonds of love, family, and friendship.

Queens’ Row takes us back to June of 1960, at Gettysburg Country Club, where Professor Grace Gilmartin and her friends reign supreme over the latest gossip—from President Eisenhower’s latest meeting with Nikita Khrushchev to the lifeguard’s latest crush.

The summer is shaping up to be like any other, until “Ike” announces that once his second term is up, he and his family will be moving to their sleepy little Pennsylvania town–whose only other claim to fame begins and ends with the Civil War.

Gettysburg’s glamourous new residents up the social ante, and whoever makes the cut for the famous family’s inner circle quickly becomes the talk of the town.

Against the backdrop of manicured golf courses, political intrigue, and powerful secrets, Grace and her friends are invited to dinner at the White House, where a die is cast that will turn their world upside down.

Cigdem (Cover design together with Glenn Doherty) and I at the Queens’ Row book launch!

“After having had such excellent results with the layout of my first novel Place, I called upon Lisa’s layout magic the second time around with my historical fiction novel Queens’ Row. I love Lisa’s professional way of working, her timely communication, attention to detail, and dash of humor, which are all necessary in the layout phase, as it’s the final step in completing a book project, and can therefore at times be stressful. Lisa set my mind at ease as we were able to discuss last minute small but important details regarding margins, chapter headings, and other style choices. Lisa is a hard-working, diligent, and experienced design professional. I would recommend her in a heartbeat and would look to work with her again on future projects.”


Hannah Huber, November 30th 2023

The team:

Hannah Huber

Lisa Hall


Cigdem Guven