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Project Description

Dorota first got in touch back in 2014 asking for help with laying out her book. A few years, another child and 2 international moves later, she had a final manuscript that needed a professional layout for her self-publishing.

We started the project in September of 2018 and although Dorota had her manuscript, it is a long journey when you are self-publishing and there are many decisions to make along the way to create the book that is in your mind! And then there is the printing and promotions to consider!


Project Details

Client DoSo!
Date   08.06.2019
Skills  Design and Desktop publishing

Career Jump!

Dorota’s book Career Jump! is aimed at those looking for passion in their everyday work and gives a clear guide to finding the right career choice.

“Are you fed up with your career? Do you feel stuck in your professional life? Start by asking yourself which elements of it do you actually enjoy and which do you resent and why?”

Book Launch

Dorota launched her book a year after we starting laying it out. It thrilling to be at the book launch party with Dorota and fabulous to see all of the support that she had through this all encompassing period!

She is such an elegant speaker and touched everyone in the audience by her own story and how she wants to support women with the sale of her book. For every book sold – one #janma, a Clean Birth Kit in a Purse will be purchased, ONE LIFE SAVED! Janma kits provide the sanitary tools and instructions to help women in resource-poor areas to survive their deliveries without infections.⁠

I absolutely loved working with Dorota. Her enthusiasm and passion were contagious! I was happy to be one of the Godmothers of Career Jump!

“Lisa is a great designer! She designed the total layout of my book. When I first asked her to do that I didn’t even realize how many things one has to consider. Lisa was listening to my needs and was able to translate it perfectly into a beautiful product- my first book Career Jump!. She was always professional, quickly responding to my emails, requests and revisions. Without her the book wouldn’t be the same. I am very proud of what we have created. I would definitely recommend Lisa to help you out with your next design project!”


Dorota Klop-Sowinska
July 24th 2019

The team:

Lisa Hall


Cigdem Guven