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Project Description

Delene was looking for a dual lingual, dual business website. Her new services, including virtual assistant and relocation services needed to have multiple facets to the website. Together, Delene and I worked out how best to display the 2 business, one of which needed to be multilingual.

In order to represent her business brand in the best way, we brought Cigdem from Crocusfield Creative onboard the team. Using strong brand recognition with the design elements, and 2 way colour palette, it is easy to identify that there are 2 different areas to Delene’s business.

Project Details

Client Free Up Your Time
Date   01.04.2022
Skills  Brand redesign & Website design


Cigdem used post it notes as a design element in both the logo and on the website so we could highlight many of the services that Delene offers.

The Team:

Lisa Hall


Cigdem Guven