Brand Your Business : When you are an solopreneur, entrepreneur or small business, it’s not a product or service you are selling, it’s YOU!

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You have competitors who deliver the exact same services as you. It’s not really about what you do anymore, it’s about the way you do it. Your clients expect to see results — if you’re a copywriter, they expect to get flawless, engaging copy. If you’re a photographer, they expect to receive a beautiful, engaging photographs. Results are expected — experience is the wildcard. Your clients expect you to deliver on your promises, but it’s the way they feel about their experience and the way they remember their interactions with you that makes them want to work with you again and refer you to others. Jules Taggart, founder and content strategist at Jules Taggart Marketing
So shouldn't your website introduce YOU?

Whether you are looking to revamp your current branding or starting a new business, by working together with a top team of professionals, you too can bring your business to life and let it flourish!

Meet the team:

I work with a select team, depending on who is available and who is the best match for your project. I have developed relationships with this group of talented entrepreneurs so that we understand – together – how to bring a project in on time with the highest results.

Art Director & Web Development

Lisa Hall


Vinita Salomé

Graphic Design

Cigdem Guven



Marloes de Ruiter


Creative Growth Strategist

Ugne Marchionno


SEO Consultant

Moran Greenwald

Content Writing & Translations

Jane Pocock

UX Writer

Marie-Anne Chaloupecky