Brand Your Business : Whether you are an solopreneur, entrepreneur or small business, it’s not a product or service you are selling, it’s YOU!

Why brand your business?

We believe people buy from people, not brands, so it makes sense to show who YOU are in your business, so that you can build trust with your clients from the first glance and create meaningful connections.

We understand how human connection drives decision-making, and we will help you to create mutually beneficial relationships with your customers and your community.

How it works:

At our initial discovery call, we will find out what services best suit your needs, and from there, after an initial call with the selected team, we will devise the project strategy and timeline. I take on the role of Project Manager for the duration of the project and as well as being your main point of contact, I make sure everything runs smoothly.

When I look back on these past months, I look back with a very warm and satisfied feeling. I think it is very special how you have been able to express my work, my vision and “Me” so beautifully.

All of you (Lisa, Cigdem, Moran and Vinita) respected me and guided me through it despite my busyness and chaos. I’m glad you didn’t go crazy about my changes and last minute actions.

For me you are true artists and care providers in one.

You perfectly sensed what my request for help was, you did your utmost to get to the bottom of this, nothing was too crazy or too much and thinking out of the box is not unusual for you and this in a fantastic creative way to express. Cheers and crazy. I have no more words for it.


Yvonne Hanssen
Allenamento BV

Meet the team:

I work with a select team, depending on who is available and who is the best match for your project. Over the years I have developed a strong relationship with these talented entrepreneurs so that we understand – together – how to bring a project in on time with the highest results.

Art Director & Web Development

Lisa Hall


Vinita Salomé


Graphic Design

Cigdem Guven


SEO Consultant

Moran Greenwald

Content Writing & Translations

Jane Pocock


Creative Growth Strategist

Ugne Marchionno

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