Brand Your Business : When you are an solopreneur, entrepreneur or small business, it’s not a product or service you are selling, it’s YOU!

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You have competitors who deliver the exact same services as you. It’s not really about what you do anymore, it’s about the way you do it. Your clients expect to see results — if you’re a copywriter, they expect to get flawless, engaging copy. If you’re a photographer, they expect to receive a beautiful, engaging photographs. Results are expected — experience is the wildcard. Your clients expect you to deliver on your promises, but it’s the way they feel about their experience and the way they remember their interactions with you that makes them want to work with you again and refer you to others. Jules Taggart, founder and content strategist at Jules Taggart Marketing

So shouldn't your website introduce YOU?

Whether you are looking to revamp your current branding or starting a new business, by working together with a top team of professionals by choosing from the modules below, you too can bring your business to life and let it flourish!

Introducing the team:

BYB Photoshoot

Vinita Salomé from Vinita Salomé Photography has a natural ability to create a connection between 2 people, that enables her to capture your essence and share your story. Together with years of experience and skill, she gives amazing results. This is photography talent at it’s best!

What to expect:

  • 45 mins. Skype session upfront planning the photo shoot with Vinita & Lisa
  • half a day photo shoot – about 2 hours (Lisa can join you on the photo shoot if requested)
  • flexible date and time
  • up to two different locations
  • Product/detail/services shots included
  • two outfit changes permitted
  • client can choose 30 images from a selection of the best 50 photos
  • photos to be delivered electronically ready for your web development!

BYB Webdesign

We start by talking through your business ideas and finding out what you need to help you find your niche.

Once you have your portfolio of images of you and your business, we will work together to innovate your ideas to Brand Your Business.

What to expect:

  • Website Questionnaire
  • Strategy Session
  • Competitor Website Research
  • 45 minute Skype session with Lisa and Vinita to plan your photo shoot
  • Direct the photoshoot
  • Custom Website Design
  • Training including PDF Manual or Screencast Manual

BYB Marketing

Fay has several years marketing experience ranging from print, radio and in store and experiential marketing campaigns. Before she branched out as a consultant on her own at Assist and Flourish in 2012. Over the years she learnt the importance of really knowing your target market and offering key messages that will appeal and draw your ideal client to your product or service. She have worked with the likes of Unilever, Pepsico and Danone. Working for these large companies gave her a superb insight to the importance of brand presence and has a superb marketing campaign in place.

What to expect:

  • A simple Marketing Audit in which she casts an eagle eye over your current key messages and FABs ( Features advantages benefits) and unique selling points alongside any marketing and social media.
  • A detailed analysis of how to improve your marketing.
  • Or a full service which consists of a 45 minute deep dive sessions where she asks many questions, provides marketing ideas and brainstorming sessions. This includes checking your website to make sure your key message is obvious and  appeals to your target market, as well as how you manage your social media to see if you are using the correct social media platforms.

BYB Marketing Message

Writing about oneself is not easy. Having someone, with a flair for words and the ability to capture your essence in words, takes the pressure off. Deborah Valentine, an experienced writer, intuitive about people and able to craft the texts to share who you are with future clients enhances the BYB experience.

And, has even been known to boost her client’s self-esteem: “I am getting to know who I am through you, that’s exactly what I was hoping would happen: thank you !!!”

What to expect:

  • Captions and text to bring your message alive on your home/landing page
  • An about you page captured whilst on location at the photo-shoot.

BYB Outfit Consultation

If you don’t know what to wear for your photo shoot, then Anne Bybjerg Møller from Image & Style can consult with you to find the perfect outfits. Whether you want to colour match with your brand, or aren’t sure what colours look best in both photographs and with your characteristics, Anne will be with you to show you the way.

What to expect:

  • 1 and a half hour session with you & your wardrobe!
  • Together with Anne, you will identify your Personal Style Preference and find 2 or more outfits in your wardrobe that match your personality and profession.

BYB Copywriting

Already have your text in English but not sure how good it is? Or do you want a second pair of eyes to check for spelling or grammar mistakes? Then you need Jane Pocock’s editing services.

Working together with the BYB team, Jane can seamlessly create and edit text for your website to give your message the right tone and engage with your clients to initiate action.

What to expect:

  • Jane will work closely with you to help find your voice in writing text for your website.
  • If you already have text on your current website, Jane will go through it and make sure it is inline with your voice, and your message.

BYB Make-up Session

Make up is important to maintain an overall balanced look. Anne Bybjerg Møller from Image & Style will apply make up in your right colours and advice you on your best make up colours for your photo shoot.

What to expect:

  • A one hour or half hour session before the photo shoot. Either at your home or on location.
  • Although Anne is not a Hair Stylist, she can also help you with your hair!