Deborah Valentine


Project Description

Deborah’s focus on business had taken a new turn, but she still wanted to retain a web presence and have a place where she could share her knowledge and thoughts about living the life as an International.

Deborah had many blogs over various different websites, so this was a chance to gather them all in one place and give order to them, as well as a forum to share her knowledge and resources for internationals.

Vinita came on board for this project to sprinkle her (now infamous!) photographic magic and on a cold a blustery October day we met at Deborah’s house to shoot and in her local neighbourhood. We all know each other fairly well, so it was a fun, relaxed shoot and the beautiful images Vinita captured enabled the site to pretty much lay itself out. Together with Deborah’s trust in my design and creative instinct, this turned out to be a dream project!

Project Details

Client Deborah Valetine
Date   11.05.2020
Skills  House style concept and design, photo-shoot art direction & Website design

The team:

Lisa Hall

Vinita Salomé

“We have been told it can be tricky, working with friends. But, despite years of friendship – working with Lisa has been one of my better business decisions. She is precise, offers concrete feedback, suggests great ideas and engages in productive discussions. It has been an absolute pleasure working with her – her character, as well, as her impeccable skills and knowledge. Thank you my dear.”

Deborah Valentine
May 11th 2020