Project Description

Annebet ‘s business New2NL is aimed supporting International parents of small children moving to the Netherlands.

Annebet was looking for a complete overhaul of her site as she found her old site a bit too slow, and it didn’t work as well as she wanted. She was looking for an easy to navigate site, that was informative, professional, accessible and personal.

Initially Annebet didn’t want new branding for her site, but it soon became clear that she would really benefit from new branding, so we started on finding new concepts right away.

This site was quite a large development as it needed to have a shop where clients could download documents, an appointment system so clients could book calls, as well as resources, articles, news and events. It also needed to appeal to both families and employers.

Marie-Anne collaborated on this project bringing her UX design to give greater sense to the site and an overhaul of the customer journey. She also wrote much of the content.

Project Details

Client Annebet van Mameren
Date   01.11.2019
Skills  House style concept and design, Website design

Original Design


From initially creating a ‘tweak’  on the original design, it soon became clear that something more drastic was in order to give New2NL a facelift it deserved.

This was the first round of ideas retaining the circular shape in reference to a passport stamp and the map concept from the original logo.

First Round

Final Design

The final design came from the idea of using one line to create the shape of 2 children and a simple font to bring elegance which completely changed the look and feel of the branding for New2NL to make it more accessible and friendly.

It gives an uplifting energy to the New2NL brand to engage clients who may be going through a stressful time in relocating.

In the end we kept the original colours!

The team:

Lisa Hall

Marie Anne Chaloupecky

“It was great working with Lisa on my new website. She listens very well to the requests of her clients and manages to translate them into a beautiful and functional website. Highly recommended!” 

Annebet van Mameren
November 7th 2019