Embracing Horizons

Project Description

Jet was in the process of relocating and expanding her business “Expat Child Psychology” and wasn’t sure if she was ready to rebrand her name and house style in the rebuild of her website.

Through various meetings and strategy sessions it was decided that indeed a new name would good to encompass her new Mission to create a better world by helping international children in the Netherlands thrive.

With her new premises being so much larger than her previous, it became clear that she could now grow her business to include: her long term goals so that she could also:

  • Build strong connections and facilitate powerful collaborations with like-minded service providers.
  • Bridge the gap between the Dutch social services and the international community.

With this in mind, Vinita and I decided to expand the collaboration to bring in expertise for marketing, UX content and image styling.

Project Details

Client Jet Sichterman
Date   01.02.2019
Skills  Name Branding, House style concept and design, Website design, Online payment system for Forums (Workshops)
View  Jet closed her practice in summer 2023


Jet was really attached to her original name of Expat Child Psychology, so it was a challenge to come up with something that captured the move towards a centre or excellence that showed their expertise in understanding the expatriate experience. Embracing Horizons was the clear winner from 30 suggestions!

In this project I collaborated with a team of experienced professionals so that we could focus on building all of the elements together to bring a more cohesive finished product.

Final Design

This was a really successful collaboration with the branding collective. Bringing our expertise together meant we could each focus on our own job in hand!

Since the web launch in February, Jet has been busy creating her own marketing material, going to information fairs and building up her business.

Her monthly forums have become a real hit and she is really making a difference for international families trying to settle here in The Hague.

Art Director & Web Development

Vinita and I created the contept together. I directed the photo shoot, designed the branding, web strategy and  webdesign.


Vinita brought her talents and energy in leading a photo-shoot of 9 models on location. She also kept on point with comms.

Image Stylist

Anne brought her amazing eye to guide Jet in how she could style hersel, and her team for the photo shoot.

Content Writing

Jane came up with the web copy content and helped Jet decide what she wanted with the content structure.


Fay, Vinita and I brainstormed the new business name. Fay gave Jet a marketing strategy to help market her new business.

“Lisa & her team have supported me through the rebrand of my practice for international children. What started out as a set of ideas and a vision turned into a whole new level in my business by their hands. Lisa facilitated the communication with the different specialists, making sure that everyone was on the same page and on track with regards to their deadlines. Lisa was also receptive to feedback and jumped in where things needed some extra attention, taking a big load off of my hands as a small business owner. Meantime, Lisa was working tirelessly on the designs for the logo and branding, and developed the website – which turned out to be simply amazing. Seriously, go ahead and have a look for yourself at www.embracinghorizons.com “

Jet Sichterman
April 10th 2019