It looks like its been a year of books so far this year, but my focus has been turning to websites as the year moves on, and with that in mind, I attended the Wordcamp Europe in Leiden last weekend.

It was everything WordPress! And what an inspirational and eye opening weekend it was.

I attended many of the talks on WordPress and what struck me most, is this initial blogging platform has developed into something else entirely – and big names are moving over to WordPress to prove it.

More than 20% of the entire internet are now using WP and according to Sara Rosso who gave the presentation “Why Big Brands Love WordPress” here’s why:

  • Its easy to use
  • Its beautiful
  • It scales
  • You own your own data
  • It can launch quickly
  • It integrates
  • Its mobile and responsive
  • You can iterate quickly with a small development team
  • It humanises date
  • Its a dynamic platform
  • It has an amazing community!

Big names from BBC America, to the Rolling Stones, to CNN to the Washington Post to name but a few have all moved over to the WordPress phenomena and are pushing this platform to new heights and WordPress offer a VIP service too!

I won’t mention all the presentations given, but I laughed along with the audience to hear how other web designers who have made WordPress their business in Monica Guerra Leiria’s talk which was particularly captivating. Matt Mullenweg (Co-founder of WordPress) gave us answers in such a humble way that I’m sure I wasn’t the only star-struck person in the audience! Dre Armeda’s presentation on ‘Website Monitoring and Clean-up‘ both amusing and factual, and finally, another presentation that stuck out for me was Miriam Schwab’s presentation ‘Learn from my mistakes‘.

But what I really learned from this weekend, was how the WP community of like minded people give their time and passion to this open source platform because they believe in it, its principles, and know that they themselves can make a difference. I walked away proud to be apart of it all…