Renée contacted me over the Christmas holidays to let me know her sites had been hacked. It involved all of her sites (6 in total!) and google was serving up a “Malware infection detection” notice if you went to her URL. Not only was she loosing visitors to her busy sites, but it was also not something she could easily deal with being on holiday in Australia!

It was a consuming time for her, and Lemonberry was happy to come to the rescue, restoring her sites, and moving her hosting over to our managed hosting without loosing any content. Still, the time and energy given over to this attack was not trivial!

This was one of the main reasons I started offering my clients managed hosting back in 2013. I realised that after I had completed a web design project, I was leaving my clients – who often did not have the time or knowledge on how to keep their sites secure – in a potentially vulnerable situation. Now my clients can concentrate on their business and not worry how their website is being protected: with Lemonberry wp.Manage.

If you haven’t registered for Lemonberry wp.Manage and are worried about keeping your site secure, you can find out more details here.