In the past we have offered a simple email forwarding option for all our hosted websites where we simply forward any incoming mail to services such as Google Mail, Hotmail/Livemail etc.  This has worked without problems for many years even though 95% of the mail passing through the Lemonberry servers is spam.

In the past few months it’s become apparent that anti-spam measures are being tightened up.  Sometimes we can see mail passing through and receiving an “accepted” message from the  upstream server only for it to not end up in the destination inbox.  In a few cases – particularly from Hotmail – the mail is rejected as it looks like the spam origin is the Lemonberry servers.

So we can unfortunately no longer offer a reliable forwarding server and encourage all of our clients to look into 3rd party mail hosting solutions.  In addition to a guaranteed SLA they offer additional benefits such as end-to-end encryption, groupware etc.

There’s a great write-up on some of the top mail service providers here:

There’s also StartMail who are based in the Netherlands, so all your data is kept in the country.

Mailfence, which is based in the Netherlands and has calendar and a great email application.

And Google’s Gsuite which is similar to Gmail but for small to medium businesses.

Another encrypted option is Protonmail.

Moving mail to a different provider will involve changing the Domain Name Server (DNS) records where your domain name is registered and changing the Mail Exchanger (MX) records to your new chosen host.  This is so your mail will go directly to the new provider and not routed through the Lemonberry servers.

Lemonberry will of course continue to offer you the highest quality managed web-hosting for your site (and all sites will benefit from the lack of spam clogging up the servers!).