Vinita Salome and I have been working together for a few years now; using my experience as an Art Director, and Vinita’s absolute talent of capturing a subject’s essence to portray the personal side of businesses.

We’ve had quite a few clients this year and always enjoy the energy we create together when working with a client not only on the day of the photoshoot, but in our brainstorm sessions with the client, moodboard creation and conceptualising the images required for branding and website development.

Recently I asked Vinita for a branding session as I’ve grown my hair during this year’s lockdown and felt that my wonderful images of 2018 weren’t a true representation of me anymore. We had such a fun afternoon together, and I think that I was perhaps one of Vinita’s more challenging clients as I was feeling self conscious with the extra Covid kilos!! And still she managed to capture something true & meaningful for me.


So even if you are feeling self conscious, and love that photo you use on all your platforms from 5/10 years ago, take a step outside your comfort zone. Your clients will better connect with you seeing a recent image of you, and Vinita always helps a client feel at ease!

Thank you once again Vinita for such a fabulous experience.. I think the images speak for themselves…!

And because I still love the images from 2018, here they are once again: