Jacinta Noonan had been working on this business ideas on and off for over 10 years, but had never managed to capture the style she was looking for to set the trend for her business. Although Jacinta knew what she wanted, she knew she found it difficult to say that in words, but with several meetings, we managed to lay down the brief.

I explored several ideas before Jacinta decided on the final logo. It has several meaningful layers for the business, including marketing tools to use the b.. be yourself.. be free… be the best you can be!


Jacinta wanted a new look for her website “Big on the Inside” and after lots of design ideas and drafts, I decided on a wordpress customisation to give her all the functionality she needed with a simple, yet stylish design. Jacinta can blog,  has a shop on her site, as well as the capabilities to send out newsletters!
Check it out here:  www.bigontheinside.com