Credit: Cover by Cigdem Guven

Project Description

Since Hannah Huber published her own novel back in 2021, she has since created the Amsterdam Academy Press which aims to help others self publish.

This project focused on the reprint of the original book ‘Vaselientje’.

In the early 1950s, the newspaper Vrij Nederland published the popular weekly column “Dagboek van een Baby”. A column in which writer Eli Asser, in his role of young father, had his baby Vaselientje tell him in a witty and sensitive way what she was thinking, experiencing and living.

Later, these little stories were compiled into a delicate little book : “Het Dagboek van een Baby”. The booklet was lavishly illustrated by Jan Sluijters, one of the greatest Dutch visual artists of the time.

Vaselientje the baby in question, was and is in reality Joosje Asser, who now brings new life to this well-loved favourite from the 1950’s.

Project Details

Client Hannah Huber
Date   19.04.2023
Skills  Desktop publishing
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Credit: Image by Cigdem Guven


This started as an idea of reprinting the original book, and turned into a reconsideration of the original book with extra content written by Joosje Asser and old photographs of the 1950’s.

Keeping the original in mind, the book was diligently scanned by Hannah, and proof read by Annemarie. Cigdem did an amazing job of recreating the cover and adding a slightly modern twist.

It was a pleasure to lay the book out, following the original as much as possible, but taking on modern printing practices as well as adding in the new material. Hopefully I did it justice: see for yourself!

Huge thanks to Hannah for managing this project so magnificently!

The team:

Hannah Huber

Lisa Hall


Cigdem Guven