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Did you know WordPress is under constant attack from all around the world by unscrupulous people trying to inject undesirable code into your site for their own (usually malicious) purposes.

These include:

  • serving up malware (viruses, trojans, spam attacks)
  • bot attacks (where your site can be a ‘drone’ in illegal DDoS (distributed denial of service attacks)
  • gain access to the administration and take over access of your website and your customers personal data
  • turned into a phishing site (eg. a fake mirror of a bank website)

To protect against these potential attacks, its your responsibility to keep your site up to date requiring you to spend time checking, updating and sometimes repairing your installation.

We recently helped a customer who reported sporadic down-time on their WordPress website, as well as other problems. During the course of migrating it to the Lemonberry Cloud, we discovered obscufied code which was being used to turn the site into a “bot” and found code trying to gain the administrators credentials. We advised our client to immediately change all personal passwords (including bank logins, gmail, facebook etc) and set about cleaning up the mess left by the hack. We are pleased to report that the site now shows no known vulnerabilities and no more down time!

Lemonberry wp.Manage offers the Solution:


Expert WordPress Support

Giving you access to our technical support including moving your site to the Lemonberry Cloud for you.

Proactive vulnerability (hacking attempts) scanning

Using our customised software, we check for new releases and vulnerabilities on a daily basis. We keep your WordPress and your plugins up to date informing you when updates have been completed. We automatically scan for, and fix, many hacking attempts to secure your site. Our guarantee: We’ll do everything we can to ensure your WordPress site won’t get hacked. And if it does,  Lemonberry will fix it… at no additional cost to you*

Daily off-site backups

All of your files, and database that make up your WordPress site are securely backed up every night and can be used in the event of a disaster for a full recovery.

Modern high performance Cloud hosting

Running the latest version of Linux, Apache Web Server and PHP/MySQL on mirrored data centres in Amsterdam & Rotterdam.

Uptime monitoring

Our goal is 100% uptime.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Configuration of site to ensure maximum visibility to Google, Bing and the other search engines. We will also advise you on how you can create more exposure for your website.**

Anti-Spam Management

Proactive anti-spam measures will be actioned on your site. Anyone who has had an unprotected site will know how essential this is!

Lemonberry wp.Manage (including hosting) @ €75 per quarter or €250 per year inclusive.

“The percentage of risk can never be zero” Dre Armeda ‘WordPress Monitoring and Clean-up’ Wordcamp Europe 2013

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*We cannot be held liable for any monetary loss due to a compromised site.
** We cannot guarantee no.1 on google ranking.