For the last 13 years, I have been developing my skills & expertise and expanding my network under the name

This small creative design studio is now based in Den Haag. The company originally started in the UK and after four years in Andorra, Lemonberry went Dutch in 2007. I continue to work with some of my clients in Spain, Andorra and the UK and together with my local clients, I’m happy to say my schedule is often full.

I usually work with small businesses either developing their brand from the beginning and working on all media including website development, or helping a business re-define their public image. I also work designing print media which involves designing book covers and text layout of books for both print and kindle & magazine layout. I currently manage the WBII calendar project which involves hiring a photographer, selling advertising space, layout & managing the print and distribution.

I particularly enjoy being part of a process that sees an idea grow into a flourishing business or holding a finished printed product in my hand of what started as a spark of an author’s expression and creativity.

If you want design in print, web & print media: welcome to Lemonberry. See my portfolio for the results.